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BLM & A Pandemic

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Hey everyone,

I thought it would be fitting to give a few updates on a topics. Firstly I'd like to start by addressing the Black Lives Matter movement and ways to to stand in solidarity whether it is in person or using other methods. As a black owned business (BOB) we understand through firsthand experiences how African-Americans and other people or color (POC) experience racial injustice, racial profiling, and many other racial disparities, That is why we stand with the movement before, during, and after the events. We are signing petitions, listening-learning the stories, spreading awareness, and making silent donations to help the cause and hope that more changes are underway.

Also, we understand there are many theories regarding COVID-19 and with respect to all of our friends we are advising everyone to continue the social distancing measures. Yes, we know staying indoors is boring so by social distancing we are asking that everyone just maintain a safe distance while outside of their homes. Continue wearing face coverings in public but enjoy life while you are in the moment. For instance, if you are at the beach be mindful of other beach goers by creating a safe distance from others. If you're out shopping the same rule applies. We'd like to imagine that most of the strangers amongst us either have or had the virus, this keeps us practicing safety measures.

We want everyone to remain as healthy and free as they can to be so we're saying stay safe, stand up for a good cause, and continue to promote equality, and health+wellness. Speaking of health and wellness, we're excited to share the launch of our new products!

Please stay tuned and reach out regarding any pre-orders or questions regarding the

new additions to the site.

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