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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Although children are not at higher risk of contacting COIVD-19. We're sure other parents (like us) have the same worries. So we've curated a mixture of health/wellness, educational and physical tips and activities to help ease our minds feel free to comment any additional tips below.

Firstly, we encourage to everyone to use the most up to date news from the CDC and your LOCAL news stations. We will continue to monitor our children's habits by:

  1. Constantly reminding them to not touch/rub everything they walk past (yes! all children do it) and no nose picking and eye rubbing that's how the germs get in. If/When out in public have them keep their hands in their pockets.

  2. Wash/Sanitize hands throughly while singing Happy Birthday or the I Love you - Barney Song (makes a great affirmation song)

  3. Sneeze/Cough into inner elbow .

  4. Vitamins&Minerals: same as preparing for flu and Allergy seasons

Additionally, Many schools have closed down for the remainder of March. Our children spend most of their time at school and intake lots of education throughout the day. In order to keep the flow I've put together a mock class schedule with time/date/subjects to help kids (especially older kids) stay busy throughout the day. All students have access to their school course-book via their student portals. Here are additional sites they can use to access.

Below I have added the aforementioned schedule similar to the schedule I follow (as an educator). I know children thrive better with routine so I am personally using this for my daughters as well (especially since they seem to need redirection on occasion) the lessons can be of your choice but our school distract has a education plan set up for virtual assignments which is what we will use, in addition to the sites listed above.

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