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Charging Crystals

All of our products that contains crystals (Water bottle, necklaces, and smudge sprays.) have been charged with the energy using the latest full moon. This basically means that the crystals are set in the direct moonlight of a full moon and recharges to gain back the positive energy that crystals already possess. If we have a product that is brought in around the time when there is no full moon we simply charge it with solar energy, pass it through the stream of smoke from a white sage stick, and a 24 hour rest period on a selenite wand.

For added positivity they are set with intentions to help the person remain in a happy and uplifting emotional state (increase positivity is what we call it 😉 ). Of course, different crystals hold different meanings here is a small note of what we commonly offer with our products:

Rose Quartz - Pure love, unconditional love, (Birthstone for October 22nd-November 20th)

Amethyst - Opens intuition, helps with emotions and brings forth rest and power. (February Birthstone)

Smoky Quartz - Lifts depression, rids negativity, and brings calmness. (June Scorpios)

Clear Quartz - Harmonizes chakras, restores, releases, and balances energy. (April Birthstone)

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