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Guest Blogger - Ashley A. (self-published Author)

In honor of our new writing journals that we've added to our shop, we've decided to to invite a special guest to give us [her] take on the writer's lifestyle. Ashley Anderson is a self-published author with various books on the amazon platform, we kindly asked her to take us on a spin around the block of her writing journey, she expresses the topics of mental health, self-care, relationships, and more in all of her work.

She happily accepted the offer to be our guest blogger!

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Everyone has certain ways of coping and handling times when they are stressed, anxious, or just need an outlet from reality and things that are happening to them in life. Mine is anything related to me being able to express myself fully and in a transparent way such as creating art, listening to music, and mostly writing. For me, writing is a way to express myself and explore all possibilities. When I write, I am in charge. It is one thing in my life that I feel I have total control over. It is a stress relief. It is my medicine. I can write about any and everything at my choosing. I can create a whole universe with a single stroke of my pen. I can express my truth, or I can make something up off the top of my head. When I write, I am an inventor, a president, a doctor, a wife, or anything I set my mind to be. I can create a short, sweet poem or create a 200-page novel at my own disclosure.

Sometimes writing comes naturally and easily but other times I cannot seem to think of a single thing to say. When I wrote my books, Can’t be that other woman, Mother’s baby, The Bully Files, and Hit List, I can honestly say that during those times I was in very dark places in life. I was in school, I was grieving, I had just given birth. In one time, I was fresh out of an abusive relationship which left me with many dark thoughts. Again, writing was my therapy. These were the times when my thoughts ran wild. These were the times when I had a story I wanted to tell and the only way I knew how was to pick up a pen and write.
In our dark moments, it motivates us to push forward and it motivates me to share my journey and gifts with the world. It motivates me to show my daughters (and other little girls everywhere) that they too can push forward. They too can use writing to cope, deal, express themselves, and create something beautiful out of those dark times. I tend to deem myself as an advocate for many of those around me and always encourage them to just “write it out”.

Sincerely, Ashley ❤️

IG: Ashlashaye_

Email: AshleyAnderson1691@gmail.com

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