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We hope that everyone is maintaining their sanity while social distancing. We wanted to give out a few tips and allow any/everyone to provide input on how they are handling social distance. Below are a few budget friendly ideas to do with your isolation buddies (or virtually, or alone) while we wait for the world to repurify 😇.

Virtual school is still active and as a mom and an educator I can say that the children are adapting fairly well. Although they physically miss the classroom and school environment the zoom calls and chats between assignments give them a bit of relief and a sense of normalcy. Our brains should be exercised regularly whether it's by studying or just leisurely reading we have to work it out just as you would do for your bodies. Our bodies can be trained over and over by many different exercises and activities to physically keep us going, and the teachings of our soul can be gravitated by our interest and purpose.

“Do your practice and all is coming.”~ Sri KPattabhii Jois"

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