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More about smudging

We've had quite a few direct messages asking asking that one main question, "what does it mean?". So that's the content for this entire blog post (and the next). We've addressed the practice of burning sage but we'll still start there again. Burning sage (various types) has been used for thousands of years from being used a cleansing tool to remove negative and unwanted energy to being a natural bug repellant and our favorite part is that it has been proven to be antimicrobial. Lighting a sage stick has become a ritual for some; when we say ritual it means a common act that occurs often such as showering, brushing your teeth, or even cleaning your home. Sage has been known to help calm the atmosphere, and provide peace and clarity when intentions are set with positive affirmations. Here are a few reasons to burn sage; so start here then take your pick and shop...

We offer a small variety of sage/smudge sticks:

White Sage - Healing Abilities, Aromatherapy, Cleansing, and Purification (especially of a new home and before/after an argument or events)

Dragon's Blood (red) Sage - Commonly used for new beginnings, strength, and space clearing

Cedar - Used for renewal, protection and grounding

White Sage with Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus alone has tremendous benefits for health reasons such as decongestant, muscle, and sinus relief. When burned with (or without) sage it offers protection, as well as health boosting (very energizing for cleansings)

White sage with Rose Petals - Burning white sage with rose petals offers a natural cleansing and with the added touch of rose petals it is said to invite in love and increase healthy relationships.

Abalone Shell - The abalone shell is not only a beautiful natural shell but it is also flame resistant! the abalone shell is another historic tradition that is used in smudging, the shell is used to hold sage smudge-sticks but also for the use of burning sacred herbs.

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