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Greetings sweet souls!

We'd like to thank you guys for taking the time out to read our blog post and coming to our web page. Your soul wandered off and landed you to the right place :)

We'd like to introduce you to a new product that we've included to our wellness journey, Smudging or Cleansing sticks; whether it's sage bundles, palo santo or cedar it's all natural parts of the earth. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we'll start from the beginning.

Smudging began centuries ago by the indigenous people they primarily used these products from earth to complete rituals, cleansing and health purposes. These herbs and medicines have been burned to cleanse a space or person and to also promote healing and wisdom. Ancient Egyptians burned sage to help with sore throats and memory lost. Researchers have found that burning sage does aid the metaphysical aspects but also helps with memory and kills up to 94% of antivirus in the air.

Here at Kinetic Soul we're all about getting back to our roots, our ancestors used these natural cleansing methods and home remedies so we believe in adapting to that as well. We burn the sage to rid the negativity from our homes, help with respiratory issues, and promote healthy habits [such as prayer and meditation]. We collect our product(s) in a responsible and natural way, we research and make decisions based on all aspects of the product to ensure we are offer authentic, top quality, smudging tools we also send our sage with a handy "how to card" to get you started. Shop using the website or via social media.

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