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Self-Care Sundays & Writing Workshops

Two of our featured events will be recurring self-care sunday brunch events. Good food with healthy options for every soul (Vegetarian/vegan, pescaterian), empowering and enlightening conversations, soothing music, and all around good vibes all under one roof. Bring a friend, dress up and be ready for a photo op before the meal.

Our writing workshop is for teens and up. Learn valuable skills needed to progress in your professional, academic, or personal lives no matter what the task is, by attending our workshops you'll learn to properly format resumes, journal with a purpose, and even start a book or blog draft. A beneficial course to help get you started or push your creativity to new limits.

Self-Care Sunday Brunch:

  • Food Courtesy of: @Bar.Babies

  • Journals/Materials: KineticSoul_

Check out our books for Adults:

Check out our children's books:

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