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What is Social Emotional?

Social-emotional is the manner in which children (and adults) recognize and cope with emotions, arrange & complete positive goals, empathize & express compassion for others, form and maintain positive relationships, and learn to make responsible choices. Have you ever wondered if a child's emotions are reactions to experiences whether they are current, direct or indirect we sometimes tend to forget or overlook a child's emotional state because they are children and they hold fewer grudges than adults?

What if we (adults) start to acknowledge these areas and help children find healthy ways to communicate their feelings towards things (and build coping skills)? Why did something upset you? What would make it better/easier for you to deal with? Let's set up the grounding with a solid communication foundation so that even if a child is with peers/friends they do not feel the need to be aggressive, uncontrollable, and/or violent.

We lead out children's yoga sessions in the area of socio-emotional and many other mental health and development themes. We notice that children that engage in our sessions and/or our workshops leave with valuable tactics and information that they can use throughout life.

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