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Naturally Made body scrubs?! Our most recent addition comes in the lane of self-care. We're taking you down the lane of self-care by adding naturally crafted body scrubs so the wellness journey is special curated and inclusive to many. All natural ingredients to rid dry skin and leave you with soft supple skin once complete. There are no additives, harmful chemicals, or hard to pronounce ingredients. A mixture of fractionated coconut oil to leave you with healthy soft skin, also offers hydration, and aides with dermatitis, and acne. a gentle exfoliant made with a combination of raw sugar, sea salt, and epsom salt (so it's great in baths and showers!) with aromatherapy 100% natural essential oils to give it the perfect touch.

For best use shower thoroughly with soap and water, take a generous amount of Kinetic Soul Body Scrub and rub into desired area(s) in a circular motion, repeat as needed for any area of the body, then rinse using water only. Blot/dab dry with a clean towel, blotting allows your skin to intake the natural oils from the scrub and also lock in the moisture.

Brain Boost - Perfect for giving you that morning/task directed jump start with notes of grapefruit essential oil.

Mood Changer - Change your mood with the powerful scent of lemon and lemongrass.

Soft Splash - A delicately sweet note that still sets the tone without being overbearing.

Heal you Right - The perfect healing treatment for c

olds, congestion, sinus issues, and more featuring; Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and a small hint of peppermint.

His Best - Perfect for a gentle masculine touch; offering the perfect way for your man (he/him) to smell his best and take care of his skin at the same time.

~Natural Fall Scents available~

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